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Russia RSS feed from Radio Free Europe

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Russian News Sources

These Russian Newspapers are current and may, or may not, have English versions on their web pages:

There are additional foreign news sources listed below that may be assistance.

Russian Media - D. Chroust

Much of Russia’s mass media is freely available on the Web and YouTube, including Russian television, radio and print journalism. Mass media companies may seek to influence and not just to inform us (Walter Lippmann). So, we should be critical (consider owners, authors and biases) as we use mass media to learn, find sources and write about the subjects that interest us.

Mainstream Television and Radio

Major Newspapers

Alternative Media

Russian-Language Media Outside Russia

Countries With Large Russian Populations - Business Insider

Historical Context on Russia-US Relations

Top Think Tanks from Central and Eastern Europe

This search box will search the top  International Affairs/International Security Web Sites as identified by the Global Go To Think Tank Report (from Penn):

Russian Law Resources

Digitized Maps (from the Perry Castenada Library at UT)

PCL has hundreds of maps, among them:

More maps of specific states or with a specialized emphasis (petroleum,defense, etc) can be found:

Russian Government Ministries and Agencies