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Template Text for Using the Texas Data Repository

Template text for using the Texas Data Repository in grant applications

The Texas Data Repository (TDR) is the Texas A&M University institutional data repository. The TDR It is a flexible online platform for researchers to publish and archive datasets and data products. If appropriate for your needs, use this template language in your DMP to indicate your strategy for data preservation and sharing. 

IRB Language for Data Deposit

If you are going to post data in a data repository you may need to inform and gain consent from human subjects that data about them will be posted online for long-term preservation and also possibly curated. In the consent form explain how you will protect the subjects' identities, anonymize if necessary, restrict access to the dataset if necessary, and as a best practice only collect necessary data. 

Here is some Sample Language you can use (specifically for the Texas Data Repository):

Will my study-related information be used for future research?

De-identified data collected as part of this research study may be used for future, unspecified research or shared with other researchers without additional consent. [Explain]. In addition, a copy of the de-identified data will be stored in the Texas Data Repository, a platform for publishing and archiving datasets (and other data products) created by faculty, staff, and students at Texas A&M University. This repository is publicly available and searchable via the web, however, identifying information about you will be stripped from the data prior to storage in this platform.