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Howdy! This is a guide to information resources for History available through Texas A&M University Libraries. This page contains a few selected History resources below, but the adjacent tabs have more extensive resources for those respective areas. If you need help, our Help webpage has FAQs and ways to get in touch with us via chat, email, text, and phone.

What are "primary sources?"

Primary sources (a.k.a. "original documents") are very important to historical research.  These are materials created at the time of the events under investigation.  These sources are available at the TAMU Libraries in a wide variety of formats including print, microfilm, and digital.  Examples of primary sources may include (but are NOT limited to):

  • diaries,
  • manuscripts,
  • correspondence,
  • newspapers and magazines from the time period (including the advertisements), 
  • published sermons,
  • business reports,
  • maps,
  • photographs,  
  • government materials including legislative testimony and votes, reports, hearings, and court opinions.

More information on finding and evaluating primary sources

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