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Satellite Campuses

McAllen Higher Education Center


Check out this play list for ambient, atmospheric, and mellow tunes to help you study and focus.


Take a break and do some doodling with these easy to follow tutorials. 



Flipster is an online database of magazines. Take a break and flip through National Geographic or Rolling Stone, or any of the other 50+ magazines available to you at your fingertips!

Online Resources

The internet is a wealth of tools to help you relax, breathe, blow off steam, and more! Below are some pretty cool sites to help you relieve some stress.

Silk - interactive art by moving mouse - online background noise machine

Coloring Home - a variety of free coloring pages you can download and print out

Animal Cams - watch animals on live cam to relax

The Free Mindfulness Project - Free Resources - various guided meditations and sounds


Finals Stress Relief Reads and Resources

If you are in study mode, and need a little brain break, then take a moment to check out the short stories, poems, and more. Taking breaks while studying is so important! Give yourself a little breather. The Libraries are here for you!

Short Stories


Guilty Pleasures

All work and no play is not good for anyone! Take a breather and indulge in some guilty pleasures!!

Buzzfeed Quizzes - Is there anything more distracting and silly as taking Buzzfeed Quizzes. Are you even living if you do not know what your Taylor Swift age is or what decade you belong in based on AI Generated Barbies???

For a quick brain break, check out these short podcasts.

Don't toss your notes out, make Origami out of them!

BOOST your brain during a break by playing Sudoku or crushing a crossword. (These link to the Washington Post where these are free to play!)